richard Bennett

Berean Beacon is primarily an evangelistic ministry promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever possible. The ministry places particular emphasis on the evangelization and conversion of Catholics. The other main thrust of the ministry is to inform evangelical Christians about Catholicism through speaking engagements, distribution of literature, tapes, CDs, and DVDs. We trust in the Lord by faith, and we look to Him to supply our needs for the ministry through our faithful supporters. Each donation is gratefully appreciated.

 For seven years, as an outreach of the Beacon, Richard Bennett had regularly trained and led a Friday evening door-to-door evangelism outreach ministry. Rather than inviting people to church, the outreach ministry single-mindedly concentrated on presenting the Gospel to the people where they lived. The Gospel teams were composed of both Spanish and English speaking men. The men, who went out in teams of two, found that among the people whom they met there was much interest in the Bible and in the Gospel. Richard is currently involved in ministry work in Yakima, WA.

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